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Situational analysis Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Situational analysis - Research Paper Example The restrictions on the market hamper the stimulation for economic activities, which create employment for the nationals of Indonesia. The political impact of the political class of Indonesia is that it fails to reduce the ever-growing rate of unemployment through the supporting of restrictive measures in the development of the nation. The economic state of the country is also a substantial determinant of the employment rate of the nationals of West Papua. The economic growth and development is the government’s obligation. The development creates adequate employment through the jobs the process creates. The economy of Indonesia is also pegged on the international economic status (David, 2012, 65). In this regard, many aspect of the economy contribute to the scourge of unemployment in West Papua. Currency fluctuation of India contributed in the reduction in the economic activities, which provide employment opportunities. According To Eben (2010, 34), the social cultural aspect of Indonesia contributes in the unemployment challenge in the country. The culture of the people of West Papua entails the overreliance on wind energy, which leads to less employment opportunities. In this regard, the youth on the region should invest in other renewable energy sources in order to create entrepreneurial opportunities. The people of west Papua have little time for social gratification. The habit leads to low networking of the populace. Consequently, there is no sharing of knowledge on employment opportunities and entrepreneurial ideas. The rate of unemployment increases because of limitation of innovative ideas on business. Technological stagnation is a challenge for the region. The problem is the proximate cause for the unemployment problem in the region. The stagnation limits the investment opportunities available to the youthful population. Richard (2009, 71) asserts that lack of technological application in industries results in inefficiency and

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Why life insurance is or is not appropriate in Islamic countries Research Paper

Why life insurance is or is not appropriate in Islamic countries - Research Paper Example The first one of the view that insurance of any kind is prohibited because it is an agreement based on doubts, it is against God’s commands and insurance business is based on interest. Life insurance is used to cover financial loss happening from death. It is impossible to define life insurance in a single definition as there are different ways to explain it. In simple words life insurance is a tool to safeguard against natural calamities. The aim of every individual is to secure his family from future risks. Every person dreams for prosperous life for his near and dear ones, a bright future for their children and self without depending on others. The life insurance guarantees materializing these aims by paying them in terms of money. There was a time when necessities of life were fulfilled by government or charity organizations. As the population increases the resources are shrinking day by day. World is being governed by man-made laws and lust for power and corruption is multiplying in every walk of life. Basic necessities like food, shelter, education and social services are no more available. Even fresh and unpolluted breathing is no more. It seems difficult to make both ends meet. Individual earning in a family when meets with any misfortune like natural death, Job termination, disability etc than one can imagine how he will cope with all this. Here life insurance is the only option available to avail in this situation. Life insurance is a vast subject if studied it will give you a short- cut to fulfill above mentioned noble commitments. After collecting large sum of money from the public the insurance company with the government’s assistance can run various projects at national level. Through all this government uses this cash for various schemes such as power generation, special education, employment generation etc. In return government pays suitable interest so that public should get their maximum profit at

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Natural disaster Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Natural disaster - Essay Example The disastrous effect of the earthquake in Haiti needs quick management and attention from the rest of the world and proper utilization of all the methods accessible for restoration of the country are important to save people in this part of the world. An article in the New York Times was published in January 2010 bearing the title â€Å"Thinking about a New Haiti†. This article provides an insight into the destruction that struck Haiti as a result of the earthquake. It explains the fact that many people lost their lives in this disaster and the infrastructure in the country became destroyed and people became stranded. It puts forward the fact that counties of the world including United States and Canada have started negotiating for aid and help to redevelop this country into a New Haiti. The author has also presented suggestions for quick recovery which include the utilization of the sources which the country has efficiently, spreading the people around the country to small towns and villages for the promotion of jobs and better living as well as the development of the roads and other structural requirements of the country. Foreign help and assistance from Haitians who are settled in different countries has also been put f orward in the article. â€Å"Thinking about a new Haiti† by the author is a subject that needs to be brought up and has been explained by the author perfectly. He has used language to create a proper connection between the Old Haiti and provided an insight into the development of the New Haiti. The author explains the poor condition of the people in a clear manner with these words, â€Å"In old Haiti there is still mostly horror. It is a nation of the homeless and maimed. Despite a stunning global surge of aid, many survivors still lack water, food and tents. â€Å"With this explanation he puts forward the importance of the aid that the Haitians require. The author coordinates his article in a manner to explain to

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Essay --

F. Scott Fitzgerald an amazing author in my opinion, in 1925, wrote The Great Gatsby. This novel is great and probably one of his best books he has ever written. This novel separates the poor from the wealth, and ties love with the rich. This novel shows different views on different people from different backgrounds and classes. This novel takes place in the make believe towns called East Egg, and West Egg. When the books main character Nick Carraway arrives to West Egg to visit his cousin Daisy he realizes how horrible all their lives really are and how much better off he is back in East Egg. This is a really good book that show’s how the poor are separated from the wealth, and how the wealthy will do anything to get what they want. The book starts off by the narrator and main character Nick Carraway heading to the west to visit his cousin Daisy. Once he arrives to Daisy’s he rents a house a crossed the lake from Daisy’s. Soon he realizes that he is living beside the wealthiest man in West Egg named Jay Gatsby and he really wants to meet him. Nick heads over to see his cousin Daisy and is introduced to a woman named Jordan Baker. Shortly after meeting Jordan, Nick realizes that he is attracted to her and begins a romantic relationship with her. After Nick has been in his rented house for a few days he starts to wonder who Jay Gatsby is because he never sees him around his house and he wants to try to find him and ask him questions about what he does. Nick later that day gets invited to one of Gatsby’s famous Saturday night parties and goes with Jordan. After being at the party and looking for Jay Gatsby, Nick runs into a man that has served in the same branch of the army as he did and finds out that his name is Jay Gatsby. Nick... ...their feet. With every chapter leading into the next it helps keep the story flow with the readers eye. Everyone that I know that has read this book really enjoyed it and said they would read it again. Fitzgerald’s creativeness helped make this a wonderful novel that can be read by anyone. All around I really enjoyed reading this book because I personally think Fitzgerald is an amazing author and he really knows how to write books in a way that grabs the readers attention and keeps them hooked through the whole story. I also think that The Great Gatsby is one of his best writings. I have really enjoyed reading this book and taking the time to break it down into a review. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a great book that can be read in just a few days by anyone. Fitzgerald has an amazing way of writing his books to make his writings stand out from others.

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Explore the Role of Trading Blocs on International Trade Essay

International Business In this assignment, I will be defining international trading bloc and their purpose before outline all the different examples of trading blocs such as WTO, Customers Unions, and Common Markets before explaining how these impact on the international trade. I will apply the trading blocs and examples to Jaguar – Land Rover, a multimillion-pound car manufacturer distributing worldwide. Trading Blocs Trading Blocs is a group of countries in a geographical area that gets together to protect themselves from countries outside the group, working together to make goods or services move more easily and placing restrictions on the number of goods or services being brought into the area. Some organizations help to make these countries work together and move goods or services more easily. These organizations include World Trade Organisation and other common markets such as the EU. World Trade Organisation (WTO) The WTO makes sure that countries can trade with each other as smoothly, predictably and freely as possible so that businesses can sell their goods all over the world. The WTO has negotiated agreements between countries so that businesses trading have legal rights and agreements to protect them. If there are disagreements or arguments between two countries then WTO will step in and assist the situation. WTO has a positive impact on international trading as they ensure all businesses trade fairly and legally and ensure that no one is ripped off or miss sold goods. Customs Unions and Common Markets In some areas of the world, customers unions and common markets have been established to allow free trade to take place between those different countries. This allows businesses more rights and opportunities to trade with each other with the support of the common market to ensure everyone is trading and operating legally and effectively. The EU The EU was established in Second World War through European Economic Community. At the start, 6 countries joined the EU, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Over the next 60 years, more and more countries joined the EU, 28 countries including the UK joined by 1973. The EU was a very crucial in international trade as they set up their own internal market which allowed countries to move and trade goods or services even freer between the countries involved. It achieves the above through a number of different ways. – It has its own currency, the Euro. – It provides EU citizens the movement to other countries without VISA`s as long as they are a member of the EU. – They have their own set of rules they must adhere to in order to maintain a member of the EU. Mercosur Rather like the EU, this group was established to help the third world, less developed countries increase the trading opportunities between each other. Countries involved within the common market are Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela, all less developed countries who can`t afford the scale and size of international trade deals occurring in the EU, hence why they are a part of the Mercosur. They have more land and size than the EU, however, have made little progression when compared to the EU, however, have similar aspirations and goals, wanting to make international trade and movement as easy as the EU do. The effect it has on the countries involved is that it provides them with a platform to trade internationally and increase the size of deals, bringing in more money to the country and helping to improve local economies. They still have the same legal rights and regulations when it comes to b2b trading. The above have a massive positive impact on countries who are a part of the Europe Union as it provides plenty of other countries the opportunity to trade freely between each other using the same currency and operating under the same legal rules and regulations. If any deals went downhill and a business within the EU was miss sold goods or not paid the full balance then they can appeal to the EU for support and guidance, allowing them to take legal action against the other business. Jaguar – Land Rover will be impacted in different ways by the above trading blocs due to the size and scale of them having a negative impact towards local businesses. If Jaguar – Land Rover are having a positive impact on the economy of a country, increasing the countries revenue through their taxes and increasing employment rates then the government for that country may increase the easiness of movement of goods across the country, encouraging them to continue trading within, benefiting the country as a whole. The World Trade Organisation has a big role in the trade deals of Jaguar – Land Rover as the deals they are working on is worth millions of pounds and therefore involve high risk and liability if they go wrong, this is where the World Trade Organisation will step in, resolve the issue and ensure the deal is still going to go ahead. They will ensure no party is ripped off or miss sold goods and that all parties are aware of the terms and conditions througho ut the deal. The Customs Unions and Common Markets and the EU allow businesses or countries within a certain area free trade and more rights to trade between each other. This would have a negative impact on Jaguar – Land Rover as they would have to pay importation and exportation taxes, increasing the expenditure for each product meaning they can`t be as competitive on pricing as other businesses within the market. The Mercosur won`t have an impact on Jaguar – Land Rover due to the size and scale of them and how the Mercosur id directed at smaller, less established businesses acting as a platform to boost them. Jaguar – Land Rover will not face the competition from this market as the size and scale will counterbalance the benefits that Mercosur provides the smaller businesses with. Conclusion In the above assignment, I have listed, explained and evaluated the impact different common markets have on international trade for the countries involved. I have explained the different reasons for how they work and the benefits they bring. All markets have similar aims and understandings, have the same legal rules and regulations and all believe in fair, free movement of goods or services.

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Blue Borax Jewels

Borax beads are used to identify certain metals using the bead test. Make blue borax beads that resemble small jewels. Keep the jewels or use them to examine the characteristic blue color produced by cobalt. Borax Bead Materials boraxcobalt chloridewire loopcandle, gas burner, or alcohol lamp Procedure Gently tap the wire loop against a surface to make certain it is clean of any residue. Heat the loop in a flame to burn off any contaminants.Dip the hot wire loop in a small amount of borax. The heat of the loop should melt enough borax on contact to allow you to form a small borax bead. Heat the loop with borax in the flame until a white glassy bead forms. Remove the loop from the flame. Tap the loop against a surface to dislodge the borax bead. This is a white bead of pure borax, which you can now compare with the blue bead youre about to make.Making a blue bead, or a bead from any metal salt, follows much the same process, except you need to incorporate the metal into the bead. To make a blue bead, mix a small amount of cobalt chloride into a bit of borax. You may need to crush the cobalt chloride to grind it. You can use the back of a teaspoon to achieve this.Once the cobalt chloride and borax are mixed together, heat the clean wire loop and press the hot loop into the mixture. R eturn the coated loop to the flame to produce a blue bead.Tap the loop against a surface to free your bead so you can examine it. If you hold the bead up to the light, you should see a lovely translucent blue. If your bead is black, you used too much cobalt chloride. You can repeat the process using more borax/less cobalt chloride. The blue color is characteristic of the metal ion used to produce the bead, which was cobalt. More Colored Jewels Try using other metal salts to produce colored beads: copper sulfate - copper - blue greenferric ammonium sulfate - iron - yellow or golden brownmanganese salts - violetnickel salts - brownchromium salts - light green Learn More Bead Test to Identify Metals

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Buddhism Speech Essay - 852 Words

Today I am giving an informative speech on Buddhism. Now, informative is the key word here. I just want to reasure everyone that I am simply going to explain some of the philosophy of Buddhism. I am not, however, trying to sway your beliefs or views on life in ANY way. Instead, Im going to share with you some of the basic things that I know, and however you choose to use the information, if at all, is totally up to you. In fact, one of the strongest beliefs of a Buddhist, is that their way of life is NEVER forced on anyone. To shove it down someones throught would contradict almost everything the Buddha had to say. To start, I want to clear up some simple, misinterpretations that some of you may or may not have made, probobly†¦show more content†¦In a nut shell, this means for all the things you do or intend to do, that are considered harmful to others, karma will balance it out in this or other lifetimes. This is also known as reincanation. Once fully enlightened (however many lifetimes it takes for karma to balance), one is liberated from rebirths, reaching a state of selflessness, resulting in an untimate bliss (what Buddhists call Nirvana) and one becomes Buddha, or one with Buddha. Some Buddhists, especially modern western, dont emphasize or believe in rebirth. People have free will to commit wrongs or rights. Evil doing may result when egoism, cravings, attachments, and ignorance are expressed as greed, hatred, and violence, which, if not realized, results in rebirth. For a Buddhist, Enlightenment is an individual journey to Nirvana (or complete bliss)--liberation from suffering and cycles of rebirth. This is achieved by what Buddhists call the Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path. To eliminate karma, which causes rebirth, a person must extinguish the belief of the ego or self which create cravings, desires, and attachments. The path to enlightenment includes loving-kindness and compassion, moral conduct, clarity, wisdom, and meditation. An Unenlightened life is considered suffering, and getting rid of this suffering is the primary goal of Buddhism--to reach Nirvana, and to end cycles of rebirth. Suffering is a result of past-life greed, hatred, andShow MoreRelated Buddhism Speech Essay825 Words   |  4 Pages Today I am giving an informative speech on Buddhism. Now, quot;informativequot; is the key word here. I just want to reasure everyone that I am simply going to explain some of the philosophy of Buddhism. I am not, however, trying to sway your beliefs or views on life in ANY way. Instead, Im going to share with you some of the basic things that I know, and however you choose to use the information, if at all, is totally up to you. In fact, one of the strongest beliefs of a Buddhist, is that theirRead MoreBuddhism(Informative Speech)958 Words   |  4 PagesInformative Outline Topic: The Buddhism General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about some main beliefs of one of the most popular religions, the Buddhism. Thesis: From Buddhism to any individual, the Buddhism and Buddhist beliefs become one of the most influential religions in the world. i. Introduction A. Attention Getter: â€Å"God said, let there be light: and there was light.† For Christians, Jesus is their only God. However, as the founder of another famousRead MoreThe Impact Of Theravada Buddhism On Myanmar1288 Words   |  6 PagesTheravada Buddhism is one of two major sects of Buddhism and is practiced primarily in Southeast Asia. Its practice began in Sri Lanka and spread to Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia, and has influence in the West today. In the eleventh century C.E., King Anawratha established The Myanmas kingdom, it was at this time that he converted to Theravada Buddhism, despite a large Tantric Buddhist population in the kingdom. From then on, Myanmar has been known as a Theravada Buddhist country. As with most religionsRead More Siddhartha the Life of a Prophet Essay1376 Words   |  6 PagesBuddhism was brought to light about 500 BC by Siddhartha Gautama. Buddhism has not been described as a religion as such but rather as philosophy. The story of Siddhar tha Gautama and how he brought Buddhism to limelight is quite moving. In this essay the thoughts of Siddhartha Gautama are explained and how the society reacted to his arguments. Generally this essay will briefly describe the achievements of Siddhartha Gautama in his quest to attain enlightenment and how that impacted the society ofRead MoreA path to spiritual discovery903 Words   |  4 PagesAs Madhu Bazaz Wangu indicates, Buddhism is a path to spiritual discovery (8). Being Buddhism, a non-theistic religion, their disciples follow the monotheistic doctrine demonstrating they believe in only one deity. Siddhartha Gautama, mostly known as Buddha––the enlightened––, is the one deity Buddhists believe in. As Wangu writes, Siddhartha practiced severe self-denial and meditation before he could reach Nirvana (state of mind that ends the path of suffering) (8). Siddhartha came to the conclusionRead MoreBuddha And The Founder Of Buddhism1118 Words   |  5 P agesâ€Å"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves† This quote from Siddhartha Gautama, known as Buddha and the founder of Buddhism, is a perfect representation of Buddhist beliefs. Buddhism is a strict religion with various guidelines one must follow. The Buddhists believe that they are each born-again many times and their main goal is to end this cycle of rebirth. One can do so by living each life better than the last,Read MoreEssay on Budism by Huston Smith1605 Words   |  7 PagesBuddhism As a college student that has lived and grown up in western New York, I do not have too much experience with the other religions of the world. I have grown up a Christian Protestant my whole life, and I am a firm believer in my religion. Soon after reading the chapter on Buddhism in Huston Smith’s book The World’s Religions, I came to understand and respect the Buddhist religion. I came to learn who the Buddha as a man really was, and the steps he took in becoming a religious icon. IRead More Buddhism Essay1569 Words   |  7 PagesSoon after reading the chapter on Buddhism in Huston Smith’s book The World’s Religions, I came to understand and respect the Buddhist religion. I came to learn who the Buddha as a man really was, and the steps he took in becoming a religious icon. I know understand that Buddhism is not all meditation and relaxing. There is a strict code of the four noble truths and the prescription of getting through them called the eightfold path. Much like Christianity Buddhism also has many different views onRead MoreThe Four Ways Of Leting Go Explained By Ajahn Brahm1305 Words   |  6 Pagesplaces and situations a person can achieve contentment. If a person learns to want to be in a certain place or situation they don’t feel happy or comfortable in, they will no longer feel so negatively about it. One of Ajahn Brahm’s examples in his speech about this second way of letting go was mentioned after explaining the difference between how people don’t want to be in a prison and how people do want to be in a monastery. He talked about how some people aren’t satisfied with a job, and that whatRead MoreBuddhism : The Major Religions Of The World926 Words   |  4 Pages After learning about the major religions of the world, Buddhism seems to be the most relevant for someone living in western society. While many religions are considered monotheistic, with an all knowing powerful god to worship, Buddhism doesn’t put one god high up on the altar, in fact the focus in this religion seems to be more spiritual. Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world. It was founded in India over two hundred thousand years ago by Siddhartha Gautama (later known as the